Steinel PIR Motion Detectors

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STEINEL Infrared sensors respond to heat radiated from moving persons and use this ability, for example, to switch a light 'ON' and, after a selectable period of time, 'OFF'again.

STEINEL infrared sensors also bring modern-day convenience to lights that are already installed.
Generous reach and coverage angles of 130° to 360° for a whole range of applications.
Sneak-by guard for complete surveillance.
Reliable operation, even in adverse weather conditions.
Twilight threshold and light 'ON' duration can be set to meet individual needs.
Easy installation, even on internal and external corners.
Ideal too for indoor areas, such as corridors and basement rooms.
Switched-on lighting technology

Photosensor switches light 'ON' and 'OFF' in relation to ambient brightness.
Lights of any type are switched 'ON' and 'OFF' automatically.
Can also be used for controlling commercial lighting systems or shop window illuminations.

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